Our Mission

  1. To impart quality education in student so that they may get better oppurtunities in employement
  2. To impart moral value through education so that th students may become a happy indivisual.
  3. To spread awareness of sports and yoga among students so that they can participate in it and gat benifited.
  4. According to the new education policy 2020 to develop basic facilities for the new student in the college, So that according to the objective of the national education policy to provide the students with higher education, employment, Sc if employment and other skill option.
  5. Keeping in view the corona virus to establish necessary facilities in the collage to prevent such diseases and to create necessary awareness among all the student including the staff.
  6. Motivation student by developing facilities like corona virus.
  7. To educate and empower girl students with the necessary skill and confidence to get a job.